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Bad Weather Makes Us More Human  (2.5m ) 2,460 views  ~by  Peteypan
The Art of Snoozing  (3m ) 2,229 views  ~by  Peteypan
Life of a science student  (2m ) 5,584 views  ~by  zanther56w_12171
I See Love Quotes Literally  (2m ) 2,806 views  ~by  zanther56w_12171
Female Tethering to Tell on Ill Health and Men  (10-30m ) 1,874 views  ~by  lou_12034
Moving to LA  (3m ) 8,837 views  ~by  Jack Neely
Death In The Family.  (5m ) 11,255 views  ~by  Officer1774
Tiny House  (1m ) 9,871 views  ~by  samuel zehr
Social Rant  (2m ) 7,739 views  ~by  samuel zehr
Harry Potter and Black People  (3m ) 11,808 views  ~by  Matty V
My Nuclear Family Holiday  (1.5m ) 6,516 views  ~by  Cal
Drunkenness is bad  (1.5m ) 7,709 views  ~by  Ender Johnson
The Zoo  (1.5m ) 8,209 views  ~by  Sthang
I Don't Speak Women.  (4.5m ) 16,910 views  ~by  Officer1774
Doctors.  (3.5m ) 11,116 views  ~by  Officer1774
Callback  (1.5m ) 13,391 views  ~by  HunterF
Generations  (6m ) 12,439 views  ~by  Jack Neely
We will colonize Mars  (2.5m ) 9,601 views  ~by  WanaBeWritter
Things I hate  (5m ) 25,188 views  ~by  Matty V
I'm Not Funny  (3m ) 35,547 views  ~by  Emilia-
Pumping Gas  (4.5m ) 13,341 views  ~by  Matty V
Modern Life 14,331 views  ~by  t.f_2004
I Have No Freaking Idea What To Write  (1m ) 21,361 views  ~by  ThatOneKidWill
An African's Perspective  (2.5m ) 10,242 views  ~by  mowilliams
Love is Overrated  (1m ) 31,656 views  ~by  Nahnahahnanabhha
Religion  (2.5m ) 13,916 views  ~by  Lucas
The Speech  (1m ) 33,079 views  ~by  Josh
Words of Wisdom from an Unemployed Over-Achiever  (5m ) 20,042 views  ~by  Ed
A Song about the Office of National Statistics  (3m ) 6,908 views  ~by  k.r.johnson
Awesome  (2.5m ) 23,055 views  ~by  balduini1
Prince Charming  (2.5m ) 29,875 views  ~by  ricardo360x
Dine Out  (1m ) 24,573 views  ~by  the.designer
Worst Employee  (1m ) 45,732 views  ~by  amanduh
Thoughts of an Idiot in Love  (2.5m ) 28,926 views  ~by  ColdPickle
Trump University Senior Seminar  (2.5m ) 18,515 views  ~by  RichardM83
The D. Trump Zombie Brigade  (2m ) 12,325 views  ~by  Paxton55
Kitty 6 (The EU)  (5m ) 16,539 views  ~by  Tobiascordingley
McDonalds Anti-Banter  (1.5m ) 26,985 views  ~by  JohnnyK
Understanding the Game of Golf  (3m ) 39,200 views  ~by  thomgoddard
Roman Empire  (1.5m ) 18,939 views  ~by  JohnnyK
So Trumpy  (3.5m ) 38,094 views  ~by  adamappleton
So Obamish  (3m ) 20,048 views  ~by  adamappleton
The Teacher  (1m ) 56,524 views  ~by  KitKat_and_Cat
Oh, The Mentally Ill Life  (1.5m ) 21,783 views  ~by  amanduh
I Love Being Crazy  (2.5m ) 67,495 views  ~by  amanduh
Flaunt What You've Got  (1m ) 30,645 views  ~by  amanduh
The Perks of Mental Illness  (3.5m ) 42,641 views  ~by  amanduh
Funny Family Folk  (1.5m ) 49,382 views  ~by  LouiseGibbyGibson
I Suppose a Sock's Out of The Question?  (2.5m ) 25,378 views  ~by  rmarguerie
Kneel Before Dad Bod  (1.5m ) 17,689 views  ~by  rmarguerie