I Have No Freaking Idea What To Write

I Have No Freaking Idea What To Write

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I have no freaking idea what to write. I was initially going to just get some random monologue off some random website. I couldn't find any. One was too inappropriate for school, and another had too many swears. After hours of searching, I found a monologue I thought was funny, but it was SEVEN MINUTES LONG! I’m not memorizing a script that long. By the time I’m done, my throat’ll be too dry!

Another reason I don’t want to write anything was because I’m a terrible writer. Reason being: writer’s block. I try to think of a good idea to write about, but my brain just turns itself off. I bang my head on my desk and go through many sheets of paper and many pencils (of course), but still, nothing! No ideas are coming out of my stupid head!

I finally get a good idea, and stay on topic for a good while, but it just turns into a tunnel of self-doubt, and as soon as I’m done, I proofread it, and I say to myself, “Who’s gonna want to listen to me talk bad about myself for a few minutes, and who’s gonna like it?”

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