The Need For a Comedic Renaissance - And Evolving The Industry

The Need For a Comedic Renaissance - And Evolving The Industry

James Alex Gerard    from James Alex Gerard's Comedy Zone

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The Need For a Comedic Renaissance - And Evolving The Industry
"If you don't believe in yourself, don't expect anyone else to, either." - James Alex Gerard
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I've spent the past two years contemplating. Thinking of how the modern comedic era doesn't seem to hold the scope and depth of that from the last century. Perhaps it's because of my throwback nature, but I feel it's time for new ideas reflecting a true evolution of the industry.

And we're just the ones to do it.

Call me what you will - and I know a lot will - but there's seems to be a great void these days. I cite the stream of remakes and redos. Even of accepted classics which stand as they are. And some lame attempts at humor. I believe people laugh at such because that's all they have to laugh at. Let's change that by presenting alternatives. Good alternatives.

I envision progress. Moving ahead. Not bringing out things from the past, but building on them. I have much respect for the pioneers of the comedic entertainment in the early part of the 20th century. Sure, such entertainment has always been in mankind's society. But the advent of the 20th century brought changes.

New forms of media emerged. Bringing new challenges with it. First, it was radio and silent-motion pictures. Then, films progressed to "talkies" needing audio-dialogue lines (which America introduced, if I remember correctly).

With that newness in mind, I acknowledge that the pioneers had nothing to build on. Trails were to be blazed. Independent thought was required for the industry to move in the right direction. So it could become a standard and not some fad. And I think it's falling behind even today, despite all the visuals and "stimulation," for lack of a better term, that envelopes us as audiences more and more by the day.

I cannot accept that the industry is out of ideas. Instead, I feel a number of people in the industry are out of ideas. But when you control the industry, you control its direction. And how can it find and navigate new directions if it proceeds with accepting "business as usual."

Too much visualizations could produce audiences that become over conditioned. The emphasis on how the message is shown outweighs the message itself. And I feel that's increasing all the time.

It's ironic to me when I hear entertainment-industry moguls call for a renaissance. I've heard them call out for us "commoners" to rise to the occasion, "stand up and make things happen," and so on. We're asked to realize our potential. And bring positive, significant change. Yet, I feel such that call for this change are the first ones to suppress those most capable of making it happen.

I know my creating is the result of my true nature. Only light can produce great things. I reject the ways of greed, egoism, selfishness, indifference and harm. And I know that gives me my vision, and insightful imagination. And I see ahead, but often get frustrated when I can't apply it.

Simply because of "the way things are." Or, what I hear often, "the way of the world." Too often, I hear people say "you can't change the world." Well, I know for sure that you can't change the world - for the better - if you don't try. At least, I'm willing to try.

People in our country are miserable, overall, these days. I feel the entertainment business and the professional-sports industry become standards in our country because of The Great Depression. That's what I concluded. In the toughest of times for America, people wanted hope. They wanted something or some ones to believe in. At a time when things were considered to be "unbelievable." As our world seems to me right here, right now.

I want nothing more than to work with people to build a better world. To assist others. Comedic writing is how I will do that. I refuse to sit idle and ponder "what can I do about things?" I know what I can do, so I do it.

Sure, I choose among the toughest paths I ever could have taken. Sure, I'll be told over and over how impossible it is to do what I want to do. That may be indeed true, but not trying at all is a sure ingredient for my failure. For sure.

I get upset at the way things are at times. I don't get upset at the world, just components that control the world. It doesn't have to be that way. And it gets discouraging when my perspective is either ignored, or not grasped. Or both.

Our society has fallen into the "what's in it for me?" mentality first and foremost. I create and draft my comedic - and other - writings that's more at "what's in it for the audiences?" I want people to genuinely feel good about things, themselves and the world with what I do. Call me a dumb, clueless, idealistic dreamer - which I know a number will - but I won't be any other way. I must be true to my nature, regardless.

Yes, it's time for a renaissance. It's time to take the comedic industry to the next level. Let's make our predecessors proud of us. Let's have them saying "we didn't even think of that." "Thanks for continuing the tradition." So, let's honor who they were, and what they did. And know we can do the same all over again, enjoying life along the way.

And those of like minds should now "stand up," and decide we can be as big as we want to be. And make something from nothing. And defy the odds. I feel only those free of arrogance, insecurity and ego can achieve this, and make this country and world all it can be.

That's my America, all. My America and ours.

- James Alex Gerard
"It's indeed true that the best things in life are free. But that doesn't mean they come without cost." - James Alex Gerard


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