After My First Script

After My First Script

saqibghuman    from saqibghuman's Comedy Zone

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Like everyone else in this world, I to have big dreams. Dreams to become a star, famous and have boobies, wait this isn't a Pussycat dolls song. But everyone in the world has that dream to become famous and no one can explain rationally why. You only hear money, money, money!!! It seems as if you could get away with killing each other for money everyone would do that for living. Likewise I have always had the dream of being in Hollywood either actor, director, writer whatever you name it. But I have other reasons than money to pursue these dreams even though money is pretty high up there. My ultimate dream is to be on Saturday Night Live because I feel like I've connected with that show and a lot of people do seem to think I'm funny. Or maybe there laughing at my attempts to be funny. I have tried to jump start these dreams many times but something always stops me, either half way there or just in pre-production and not even really accomplished anything yet. But the one thing that keeps me going is the fear and the drive till the end. The main reason why I want to be famous and successful so someone notices me. The reason I am starting this blog today, the reason I wake up everyday is because I want someone to notice me. This someone is Taylor Swift, and yes I know what everyone is thinking. How is this regular guy, not even regular guy going to accomplish this. This is true but I am committed and I have seen the things social media has done and can do today. So lets just say this was pretty much the biggest step towards the goal, getting started. I am destined to be with Taylor Swift just do your research about her and the type of guy that is perfect for her. Use that as a criteria to my blogs, tweets, etc and you'll see that I am the perfect match.

P.S. This whole blogs was showing you how confident I am but with quiet confidence. (CHECK)


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