After My First Script

Like everyone else in this world, I to have big dreams. Dreams to become a star, famous and have boobies, wait this isn't a Pussycat dolls song. But everyone in the world has that dream to become famous and no one can explain rationally why. You only hear money, money, money!!! It seems as if you could get away with killing each other for money everyone would do that for living. Likewise I have always had the dream of being in Hollywood either actor, director, writer whatever you name it. But I have other reasons than money to pursue these dreams even though money is pretty high up there.

The Newbie

Well, i am the new kid here.  Therefore my page makes me look like a creeper, but doesn't everyone that is new to a social networking site look weird automatically.  Don't agree?  Chew on this, they have no status, wall posts, photos let alone a profile picture, friends, nothing is customized, and there's always the awkward first post.  "Hey this is cool!".  Quite frankly we all do agree with this simply because we too are part of the same social site that you are.  You can stop stating the obvious.

My Comedic-Writing Epiphany: Spotting The Extraordinary In The Ordinary

"I doubt the credibility of every motion picture and television sitcom I've seen. They all seemed so scripted to me." -- James Alex Gerard

"I doubt the credibility of every live theatrical performance I've seen. They all seemed so staged to me." -- James Alex Gerard

Years ago, when I was a corporate-America slob, I tried to write comedy on the side. Although I did a few things, it never added up to what I wanted to do. Or thought I was capable of doing.

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