The Lime Light Of Comedy?

The Lime Light Of Comedy?

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The Lime Light Of Comedy?

Comedy is a featured entertainment within all of our grasps we aspire to be better writers, actors, stand ups so eventually we can be noticed. But the fact remains that while you may eventually stand in the lime light of comedy there are still those who are steps ahead always searching for something to make them better, and although the comedy style and appeal depends on the perspective of the masses, these people thrive upon this challenge they’re faced with and will persevere.

Competing to get ahead has always been around because with our humour we cannot remain as the top of the food chain because if we cannot deliver there are always those seeking to take that lime light, that focal point of attention so they will be noticed.

The challenge we face as comedians isn’t just the audience but also the challenge of your fellow writers. trying to stand out amongst the crowd may be the most difficult part of comedy as we are not only trying to address our style of humour but that of which we believe will get us ahead and with this we lose sight of why we aspire to be comedians, writers, actors and stand ups, not so we can push others down but so we are able to bring joy and laughter to the people.

Because that is the only true way to get ahead in comedy not attempting this profession so you can become rich, not by indulging in personal gain and attention. The real way to get ahead is by bringing laughter and joy to the masses. For we as the comedians are the minority but is this really a bad thing?

Thanks to all loyal veiwers sorry i havent been very active with scripts and such of late will try to get somthing out by the end of the month. I understand if you dont agree with my opinion here i was just stating my belifs and i do enjoy any criticism ect. Sorry about any spelling mistakes ect i wrote this at night and dont do much spellchecking.

- Thanks for all the veiws sincerly Travis


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