Setting Goals


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Setting Goals

Fail to plan= Plan to fail

My biggest fan and really, the one who pushed me onto performing, instead of just writing, has been my wife. And in all of our thirty plus year history together she’s been the one with unstoppable drive. That opening statement is what she’s spoken out to our children and I over all these years; that and setting goals.

Well she’s right. All my writing and intentions to someday performing as a stand up, would have gotten me probably as far as my bathroom mirror. If you really want to take that step into performing but can’t move on from “I know the stage is around here somewhere; I just can’t find the stairs”. Well you need to set yourself a goal. And it can’t be without a timeline. Ninety days is plenty of time to prepare for almost any goal. Get your material, 90 days to create. Practice your material to the point where you know it well enough to speak without losing your place. And then find a place to stand up and perform it


But without a goal you’ll just drift around with a whole bunch of desire and no way to complete.

I wrote much of my comedy in early 2009 and still had it all ready to go when I was challenged with not having a goal in April of 2010. So I set that timeline goal telling my wife and closest friends, ‘I will perform stand up comedy on or before June 15th 2010. I’ve done that now and have a new goal.; to have myself on utube performing my stand up material before the end of the summer.
What’s your goal? Don

Fail to plan/Plan to fail


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