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The Lime Light Of Comedy?

The Lime Light Of Comedy?

Comedy is a featured entertainment within all of our grasps we aspire to be better writers, actors, stand ups so eventually we can be noticed. But the fact remains that while you may eventually stand in the lime light of comedy there are still those who are steps ahead always searching for something to make them better, and although the comedy style and appeal depends on the perspective of the masses, these people thrive upon this challenge they’re faced with and will persevere.

The Art of Comedy?

It seems in modern times that the world has become a big investment and a sort of dictatorship controlled by the power of money. With everything becoming about gaining as much for yourself that people seem to be losing track of the way a good script can touch someone while they have just commercial uses in mind. Sure there's ways to make profits out of the thing these days we call 'comedy' but the truth is that most people have forgotten the roots of comedy do you think Doug Naylor went out and created 1 script and all of a sudden it was huge? No comedy comes from experience.

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