After My First Script

Like everyone else in this world, I to have big dreams. Dreams to become a star, famous and have boobies, wait this isn't a Pussycat dolls song. But everyone in the world has that dream to become famous and no one can explain rationally why. You only hear money, money, money!!! It seems as if you could get away with killing each other for money everyone would do that for living. Likewise I have always had the dream of being in Hollywood either actor, director, writer whatever you name it. But I have other reasons than money to pursue these dreams even though money is pretty high up there.

Living to Perform, Wanting Desperately to Perform

About 12 years ago I was in a accident that fractured my skull, did damage to my right ear drom and shattered my right ankle. The results of this accident are still in my dreams yet today. After finally being released from 2 weeks in the hospital I spent nearly a month in bed or well basically off my feet. As you might imagine I spen't alot of time watching tv and more specifally comedy central. I fell in love with the art of stand up comedy.

After Losing Hope: True Heroes Of The Entertainment World Emerge

After Losing Hope: True Heroes Of The Entertainment World Emerge

Dear All:

I admit I often get discouraged and fail to create. Why? Because it seems that those who seek to bring laughter, light and joy into the world will be the ones to get cheated or sold out by those who hold the ways of greed, manipulation or deceit.

Then, the other day, I read online about Mr. Tom Shadyac . A person who made millions of dollars as a director of major-motion pictures. As someone who had the proverbial fame and fortune that we feel we are all seeking.

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