Observing Comedians Observations

Observing Comedians Observations

Rwalke1    from BeckWalk's Comedy Zone

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So I have been writing comedy sketches now, well not for very long (I'm only 20 and I is a student so I have daytime tv to watch), but feel I have been swept up by the energy of the comedy world. My scariest but absolute dream would be to perform comedy at stand up gigs, just to perform my own stuff to other comedy lovers. And not to my housemates who, whenever I perform in our living room, try hard to keep interested but I suppose after a long day of arguing whose going to order our takeaway dinner, listening to me ramble on about 'whats with the weather on saturdays' isn't really their cup of tea. But the fact that people are so varied intellectually and have experienced different situations in life, therefore it must be logical to think that not everyone would find a comedians observational comedy routine funny. This scares me. Growing up in a shelter, suburban village outside London, then how is someone from inner city Scotland going to find my gags funny I ask you? Though it has struck me that comedians do twist many of their comedy observations in order to suit the consensus. Maybe I should adopt this approach..."so I was flying an elephant the other day". Doesn't quite have the same ring to it.


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