stand up

Observing Comedians Observations

So I have been writing comedy sketches now, well not for very long (I'm only 20 and I is a student so I have daytime tv to watch), but feel I have been swept up by the energy of the comedy world. My scariest but absolute dream would be to perform comedy at stand up gigs, just to perform my own stuff to other comedy lovers.

Living to Perform, Wanting Desperately to Perform

About 12 years ago I was in a accident that fractured my skull, did damage to my right ear drom and shattered my right ankle. The results of this accident are still in my dreams yet today. After finally being released from 2 weeks in the hospital I spent nearly a month in bed or well basically off my feet. As you might imagine I spen't alot of time watching tv and more specifally comedy central. I fell in love with the art of stand up comedy.

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