Obscure / Absurd

ICTV Script

Slice of Love  (10-30m ) Sitcoms/Stage Plays  ~   samuel zehr
Restaurant Critic  (3m ) Comedy Skits  ~   Colton Toews
The Efficient Florist  (2.5m ) Comedy Skits  ~   Colton Toews
Drive-Thru  (5m ) Funny Stories  ~   joines
Stefon SNL  (2m ) Comedy Skits  ~   Matty V
If Happiness is a Horse  (3m ) Comedy Skits  ~   Julie Brewer
Rifeguard  (10m ) Sitcoms/Stage Plays  ~   dsmith_10044
we just called him head song  (2m ) Comedy Skits  ~   gritt brewer
humanitarian song  (1.5m ) Funny Stories  ~   gritt brewer
sign over the house dear mother  (1.5m ) Funny Stories  ~   gritt brewer
nursery rhyme sing along  (2m ) Funny Stories  ~   gritt brewer