Harry Potter and Black People

Harry Potter and Black People

(3m)   by Matty V

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Ok cool so Harry potter is back. I am so excited I am a huge fan. I do it all. I buy the wands the robe I have had harry potter role play sex. All the usual for a 20 year old boy like me. So Harry Potter has a new addition to it. It is on broadway now and I was so excited to watch this show. I show up I get to my seat. The atmosphere is great, there are boys, girls, both because its 2018 we have new genders now and they all love harry potter. The asians love harry potter. They really do. Not a joke. Ok anyway I am so excited waiting for the curtains to open and they do. It is going great. Harry potter comes out. He looks the same. Just older because that is what happens. Ron comes out too and the same with him. Looking great so far. And then they are like where is Hermione? And then...the unexpected happened. A black woman walks out on the stage and they are like "there she is". And I look around at the asians and the transgenders and the asian transgenders and they all are like THIS IS SO AWESOME or 这太棒了 for some (translate it). And it is like I am the only one confused. Ok so you are telling me that after graduating fucking wizard school this woman went out and pulled a reverse Michael Jackson. She went from white to black and no one is saying a god damn thing. They are treating it like it is something that they knew was happening. Ok fine I didn't read the book. SUE ME. Maybe they all knew it was gonna happen. Well I am not a nerd so I am gonna act like I knew it happens in the book. So yeah Hermione got surgery and is not black and has a bit more sass...

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