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God: (standing on a chair behind Noah, he rings a bell once) NOAH.   Noah: (Looks up) Is someone calling me? (Shrugs and goes back to his work)   God: (Ding) NOAH!!   Noah: Who is that?   God: It's the Lord, Noah.   Noah: Right ... Where are ya? What do ya want? I've been good.   God: I want you to build an ark.   Noah: Right ... What's an ark?   God: Get some wood and build it 300 cubits by 80 cubits by 40 cubits.   Noah: Right ... What's a cubit?   God: Well never mind. Don't worry about that right now. After you build the   ark, I want you to go out into the world and collect all the animals of the   world, two by two, male and female, and put them into the ark.   Noah: Right ... Who is this really? What's going on? How come you want me to   do all these weird things?   God: I'm going to destroy the world.   Noah: Right ... Am I on Candid Camera? How are you gonna do it?   God: I'm going to make it rain for a thousand days and drown them right out.   Noah: Right ... Listen, do this and you'll save water. Let it rain for forty   days and forty nights and wait for the sewers to back up.   God: Right...   Narrator: So Noah began to build the ark. Of course his neighbors were not   too happy about it. Can you imagine leaving for the office at 7 AM and   seeing an ark?   Neighbor: (enters whistling, with brief case) Hey! You over there.   Noah: What do you want?   Neighbor: What is this thing?   Noah: It's an ark.   Neighbor: Uh huh, well you want to get it out of my driveway? I've gotta get   to work. Hey listen, what's this thing for anyway?   Noah: I can't tell you, ha ha ha.   Neighbor: Can't you even give me a little hint?   Noah: You want a hint?   Neighbor: Yes, please.   Noah: Well, how long can you tread water? Ha ha ha   Neighbor: There's one in every neighborhood. (Shakes head and leaves)   Narrator: Well Noah finally got the ark built. Then he had the task of   gathering all the animals two by two.   Noah: Hey, anybody know how to tell the difference between a male and a   female mosquito? (Looking in a box) I told your rabbits before, only two!   (He puts box in boat) Whew, finally the last two animals are on board. Let's   get this thing closed up before God asks me to do something else. I'm six   hundred years old. I am getting too old for this sort of thing.   God: Noah!   Noah: I knew it. What do you want now?   God: You're going to have to take one of those hippos off and get another   one.   Noah: Why?   God: 'Cause you got two males. You need a female.   Noah: I'm too tired to bring anything else on board. You change one of them.   God: Come on, you know I don't work like that.  ...

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