sign over the house dear mother

sign over the house dear mother

(1.5m)   by gritt brewer

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the winter wind is a howling, as i lie snug in my bed

can hear my mothers faint voice calling, should have sound proofed the shed

i get up and call out the window, please will you put down the rocks

stop breaking glass to get in, and I'll stop changing the locks


just sign over the house dear mother

for i need me my own place

the old folks home is the place for you

will even help you pack your case


fathers gone forever, twas a tragic accident i know

should have seen him sunbathing when i laid the patio

have always done the best for you, yet you complain again and again

what is wrong with a stair lift, that can do a hundred and ten


a angel came and took her on a cold December day

she looks stupid on the back of a Harley

but at least shes out of my way

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this song is not true

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