Eye Octor Visit

Eye Octor Visit

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Actor walks into the Optometry office. Mildy excited for new glasses.

Giddy when speaking.

”You know this is the only doctor visit I look forward to. Can't beat better eyesight.”

Receptionist ”Did you bring your,,, let's just see here, you have two pair, dark for daytime and clear for night driving.”

”Yes, I shouldn't have waited so long. I swear my eyesight gets worse by the day!”

Actor hands receptionist his old glasses. She disappears with them, returns and hands them to the actor. He puts a pair on, looks around the office. He puts the second pair on and gazes at items as if seeing it for them for the very first  time, obviously pleased.

”Wow, Everything looks so clear and sharp. What did you do back there?”

”I cleaned them.”

”Great! I’m loving these.” Still happily gazing.

”These are perfect, I’d like to cancel my appointment.” He says, while exiting the foyer with an obvious bounce in his step.

The end. 

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This is a quick skit, shot in one location. The guys eyesight was deteriorating because the glasses were never cleaned. The punchline following the question the actor asks ”what did you with my glasses?” ”Cleaned them.” Should land nicely bacause its feasibly and makes a valid point that cleaning your filthy glasses is standard procedure. Actor should be on the sloppy side, wardrobe and unruly in appearance.

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