humanitarian song

humanitarian song

(1.5m)   by gritt brewer

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saw famine on the box and terrible suffering

people lying there helpless, not having anything

now i know my television, is not a two way screen

but compassion makes me hide my dinner, from these wretched human beings

now i don't want medals, i just do what i can

i guess I'm what you call a humanitarian


saw a child of Africa, with flies on his face

and a stomach like a darts player, it was a disgrace

so i got a box, searched high and low, right throughout the day

sent that child a hundred spiders to chase the flies away

now i don't want a Nobel prize, for being a caring man

i guess I'm what you call a humanitarian


i see the war in Syria, it rages on and on

every night there's gunfire, and big exploding bombs

i will not sit idly by, these people i won't shun

I'm sending them earplugs, the little yellow spongy ones

now i don't want films made about me, that win the jury prize at Cannes

for i am a modest fellow, a humanitarian

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