How Do You Find An Audience?

How Do You Find An Audience?

restisaweapon    from Don McDonald's Comedy Zone

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I've tried the stand up for only a while now (about 4 or 5 attempts). But it's been enough to get a sense of what audience I feel will find my humour to their taste. 

The college age crowd are young and crazy and that's great but my humour and topics tend to focus on the life of us aging souls. So how do I find that audience to play to? I've got 2 local amateur friendly comedy clubs in my area but they both are heavy duty, raw comedy and I don't fit. I've had one performance to my age group and they really responded well. So now I'm on the hunt for that kind of opportunity to play to 'my people'. They ''get me'', we understand each other. We see the curtain slowly closing on life and know it's funny if you look at the details.

So I'm looking for ideas on where I might find that. College is too young and Old folks homes too old. Cruise ships, maybe... Any ideas?


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