comedy performance

How Do You Find An Audience?

I've tried the stand up for only a while now (about 4 or 5 attempts). But it's been enough to get a sense of what audience I feel will find my humour to their taste. 

Stand up Downfalls

When I think of what makes Stand up comedy so tuff I can only find a few things that are what I consider tuff in this decipline. Being in front of a crowd, large or small, brings fear into many. I don't find being in front of people to be all that scary. But what I find the most anoying is getting stuck while delivering my material. Then the presence of the crowd comes into play and makes getting stuck even harder to contend with. I find myself rabbit trailing; trying to find my way back to the track that I was on. But sometimes it is so hard to regain my place.

I Don't Get Swearing as Being Funny

I remember when George Carlin opened up the swearing thing with his '7 words you can't say on Television'. I found that so funny. But it was like the gauntlet fell or something. A few decades later and much of club and late night comedy finds it's self depending on swearing to be funny. I think it is a part of the generation that is coming up now because even comedians, not known for that in their acts, seem to adjust their material to accommodate the younger audience. I read the review of stand up Tim Allen's show and the critic wrote exactly that.

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