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Alice:  That doesn’t look like a Mac-double.

Mick:  What?

Alice:  That doesn’t look like a Mac-double.

Mick:  Really?

Alice:  Yeah.

Mick:    How would you know anyway? Have you ever even had one?

Alice:  No……But I've seen  pictures of them.

Mick:   Oh……In that case I guess you're an expert.

Alice:  I'm certainly not a Mac-double expert……It just doesn't look like one.

Mick:  It looks like a Mac-shut-up to me.

Alice:  What?  Are you serious?

Mick:  Yes….I am.

Alice:  What’s your problem Mick?

Mick:  Don’t criticize my Mac-double……That’s what!

Alice:  I just said that it doesn’t look like a Mac-double!

Mick:   I heard what you said………..Just shut up.

Alice:  Are you serious?

Mick:  Well……It’s my Mac-double….okay?  You don’t need to criticize it.

Alice:   What?   Did you really just say criticize it?


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