we just called him head song

we just called him head song

(2m)   by gritt brewer

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was'nt the norm, it could be said, for he had no arms and had no legs

and oh yes he was torso less, shit we just called him head

yeah called him head as you do

when you lack most of you


sure could drink a fair old sup, went at it like a eager pup

then he'd start to whoop it up, fall clean out of his giant egg cup

he'd get lippy, when he had a few, with his straw and special brew

can tell you there was many days, he was picked up and rolled away


he had it hard, but would'nt complain, except for the odd migraine

doctors treated him real shoddy, he was never offered a prosthetic body

yeah old head was'nt the worst, except for the odd outburst

the time that he cursed and cursed, when we got him twister, for his twenty first


ladies flocked to his side, you're so cute they would cry

they'd walk around with a smile so wide, holding him between their thighs

that silver tongued devil sure advanced, when it came to loving and romance

he had his nose surgically advanced, man does'nt  wanna blow his only chance


fell off his motorbike, met his death, when you steer with your ears, there's always that threat

and it was with great regret, we buried him in his favorite helmet

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medical advances mean we can all get body transplants in the future, so farewell to the gym forever

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2m Comedy Skits - we just called him head song