Lockdown Dairies

Lockdown Dairies

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Online classes. Zoom. Google classes. WFM. 

Tech is now a utility. 


Online education is fun. The chat windows are awesome, they're as interactive as studying in the class. We can record the lessons so we can rationalize for not paying attention at the moment. The $10,000 subscription is totally worth it. Class-flix and chill is the new epitome of comfort.


I am more productive now, but not so productive as to brush my teeth twice. But, I’ve learned to cook. I made a pizza yesterday. But my mother helped me a bit. She bought the base and the toppings.


Nowadays, I am ticking off one to-do list after another. I’ve watched home gym videos, and apparently I’ve learned to play the drums on the back-side of my guitar. And I am meditating as well, staring at the wall. It comes quite naturally to me but with a small caveat. I wouldn’t need a yoga mattress or peaceful music, but it would help if my neighbor were downloading from torrent sites.


The other day I saw my friends complaining about how they can’t live without seeing their soulmate. Why can’t they control themselves? Is abstinence so hard? I’ve controlled myself for the last 23 years. I haven’t smoked for the last 17 days and I think I will die tomorrow.


Also, last night I had a nightmare of some alien groups bombing the earth. My dreams are usually true if so, God bless the economy. But WFM would still save it, right?


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My first try. Any tips?

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