Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Patch

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The Pumpkin Patch, yeah it is fun but what about that line or all the people parked miles away? Aren't you supposed to park close to the entrance. And what about the games? The hammer you use to hit a platform and try to ring the bell, the harder I hit the worse it does, the lighter I hit it does even worse, yet right next to me are my brothers ringing bell after bell after bell. And let's talk about the price. One bottle of water is more expensive than a donut, I mean It is a bottle of water, why on Earth does it need to cost 3 bucks. And finally the pig races, you call people down to vote and be smart, or to be wise and choose the right pig, but it's just luck. My brothers pig even got a late start and that was all that one little piggies fault. The pumpkin Patch, what a crazy day!

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I tried, ok.

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