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I had to go to my doctor's the other day. That was a real bummer. He tried to go for my wife! My doctor isn't the worst, but he isn't the best either. I mean one time he asked me if I was sexually active, and my wife started laughing. He then crossed out the question to remind himself to never ask that again.

But my wife has no problems with her doctor. We have separate doctors so she can cheat. I mean, come on! I know she thinks about what's under the coat. My wife is so easy she got turned on when he told her she had an STD. 

What's wrong with the medical system these days? I mean I told my doctor that I had a problem with my chest, and he gave me a large turkey sub. And another time, my doctor didn't even arrive at my own appointment. My doctor isn't even a newbie. He's a real amateur. I mean two weeks ago he completed his first heart surgery without killing the patient. 

My cousin told me she wanted to be a doctor, so I pulled down my pants and yelled "Start practicing!" She's a good soul. In two weeks, her sentence finishes. And my mother wanted to be a psychiatrist also, but then she had me and bought sessions for herself. 

I don't get sick that often either. I'm usually very healthy. Last week I started my new diet where I only eat Swiss Rolls. Not only don't I get sick often, but I don't go to my doctor either, and if I don't go, then they don't get paid. So one night he came over to my house, opened all my Fireball, and poured sodium chloride in them. The next day I scheduled an appointment. 

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Doctor's are a pain in my thyroid.

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