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What's up with religion? I think I get the general gist of it, see there's this wizard he tells another person he's the only one who can speak to him, he cuts a moon in half and boom. Add in a couple of floods and stuff from other religions and there you go, got your self a nice religion. But what I don't understand is why we don't have the greek gods left. The greeks have a god for everyone! Most of the religions today you got to worship one god of everything who controls everything. You know what, I like checks and balances. In ancient roman culture, Cloacina was the goddess of toilets. I don't like Allah being my god of sewers, I like goddess Cloacina controlling my shit. There's always checking peoples power in greek culture, all the wars and deaths. I like it. And whats up with the holy books? Everyone's got to have a holy books nowadays. Put that shit on toilet paper not a whole 1,000 page book. They make these holidays where you get gifts, I guess it's pretty appealing. But with muslim holidays you just starve. The gift of food is what they want for their holidays.

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