I See Love Quotes Literally

I See Love Quotes Literally

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Hey guys! I have been single my whole life and still proud of it.Love and relationships kind of things doesn't suit me at all.Or rather I say rather than doing mistake learn from others  people mistakes you know what I am saying right. I have seen a whole lots of pain in the ass relationships.And the dramas of couples are more dramatic than the Indian serials.And what even sucks more is the love quotes posted on social media. And I know all the people are familiar with this quote " love is in the air".Oh no no you gonna regret what the quote says after someone farts and then you'll also get chance to smell love when it in air. I'll rather die than breathe the air that contains love.And I have bunch of quotes I need to talk about look this one."I fall in love with the way you touched me without using hands".Oh my god!This is just so confusing .Even the writer is confused whether the person touching he/she have hands or not.Now look at this whoever wrote this is gonna die soon for sure " You are all that I'll ever need."Yeah so you don't need food ,water, internet ,Nutella , Doritos.I know the person who wrote this quote is going to die soon cause all he or she need is love .You don't need Nutella come on this is too much.

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I see things literally don't blame me.Have fun.

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Submitted by mhasan44719_14225 on Tue, 08/17/2021 - 21:12
could i make youtube content inspired by this script?

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