Dine Out

Dine Out

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You see the only reason we dine out is..
To eat food without the bother of making it. we just want to place it in our mouth and digest.. right?
well that's what we thought...

In fact we didn't only think about it
We also love the bother our self with the details.

"How do you call it?"
"Is it Coteletta?"
"So this is Tempura..."

We even become analytical
"Is that garlic..."
"I think it has pimiento..."
"and a little ginger."

Sometimes we get scientific and mathematical...
"Just add two ml of sugar..."
"This beer is 12% alcohol. I will only drink 2 330 ml bottles."

Well that's the good part.

The worst part is when the guy behind the cash register ridicule you.

"Sir, That's Macchiato. Not mashiato.. are you from Japan?"

Not to mention we pay 5x more for a cup of coffee.

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1m Comedy Monologues - Dine Out