I'm Not Funny

I'm Not Funny

(3m)   by Emilia-

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I was told to come up on stage and urm *looks at paper*

I am gonna try and make you laugh?

But I'm not funny.

oh Okay. How 'bout some jokes that I learnt in 2nd grade?

What's brown and sticky? A STICK! *laughs like a maniac*

Oh wow. I'm so hilarious! *laughs* GET IT BROWN AND STICKY!

Urm okay that's enough of that sooo 

My car had a flat tire so I went tire shopping, it was very tiring! *laughs like a maniac*

Yep! So funny!

'Anyone else think so *looks at crowd*

Wait wait. i got one more!

What did the left eye say to the right eye?

SOMETHING BETWEEN US SMELLS *laughs like a maniac*

no No one gets that... *sad*

I'm just gonna be going now.

*walks off stage*

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This was my first ever monologue!

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