We will colonize Mars

We will colonize Mars

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You know how we all read stories about how we are gonna colonize mars and stuff in the near future? We really need to get to mars because apparently our government thinks it might have some oil!!! It’s not their fault at all. I mean, look at mars, just look at it. Doesn’t it look a bit like a middle eastern country? Pissed off, scary with a probability of oil! Looks like, mars need some democracy after all!!  But that’s not it. There are people who are actually signing up for the one way trip to mars. They think mars is in Africa like some exotic place where they wont have to face their real life issues anymore. Yesterday, my next door neighbor, sharron told me: ‘she is going too.’ She thinks if she went to mars, she wouldn’t have to do the dishes or to make sandwiches for her misogynist husband. Yeah, sharron, you go girl!!!  You should literally go. And my uncle randy, he is also going. He thinks that the best way to ditch child support is to take the next rocket & move to mars forever.  It is observed that it rains diamond on Uranus (giggles), diamond on your-anus, get it?  just imagine it for a sec. (laughs). That’s about it ladies & gentlemen.

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1 Person 2.5m Comedy Monologues - We will colonize Mars