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How Math and I Became Friends?  (4m ) 63,581 views  ~by  callmegracie
School uniforms must not be banned!!! (speech)  (7m ) 56,202 views  ~by  callmegracie
Grandparents-They Say We Need Help  (1.5m ) 122,363 views  ~by  Rainfire
Im Not Going to Write a Monolouge  (3.5m ) 162,102 views  ~by  Anonymous
Fairy Tale  (2m ) 81,634 views  ~by  bkuniverse
Mr. Jinx  (6m ) 32,792 views  ~by  Lenard
Helium in a Jar  (2.5m ) 95,329 views  ~by  selahangel1
Drunkard  (1m ) 51,571 views  ~by  bkuniverse
Children at Restaurants  (3m ) 147,224 views  ~by  lkodua
I Am Balding  (1m ) 61,944 views  ~by  bkuniverse
Snot Rockets  (2m ) 54,750 views  ~by  restisaweapon
No Offense  (2.5m ) 53,731 views  ~by  CR
Back In The Day  (5m ) 50,776 views  ~by  JonKohan
Barbie  (3m ) 592,581 views  ~by  HaleyCalderon
Crazy Letters  (30-60m ) 67,003 views  ~by  bkuniverse
I Should Be Dead  (1m ) 81,353 views  ~by  nevaeh_michelle
What Is Wrong With The World  (Unknown ) 61,400 views  ~by  Comedypaul
A Song About The Olympics  (Unknown ) 23,883 views  ~by  Comedypaul
Hell is The 'Single' People Around You  (2m ) 38,019 views  ~by  lkodua
Epic Fail Day  (1.5m ) 54,045 views  ~by  nevaeh_michelle
Balle Kumar Melodies: Maal Behen Ka Mota Bhai  (2m ) 17,975 views  ~by  bkdesi
Balle Kumar Melodies: Biwi Ki Maar  (2m ) 12,836 views  ~by  bkdesi
Balle Kumar Melodies: Shaadi Nahin Hoti  (1m ) 14,885 views  ~by  bkdesi
Balle Kumar's Melodies: Taklon Ka Gaana  (2m ) 25,575 views  ~by  bkdesi
Balle Kumar Melodies: Sasure  (1m ) 13,516 views  ~by  bkdesi
Kavi Sampat Telangi  (5m ) 17,478 views  ~by  bkdesi
Protesting Poppins  (1.5m ) 45,368 views  ~by  tdmoses
Balle Kumar Melodies: Shayari  (30-60m ) 21,164 views  ~by  bkdesi
Shabnam Chachi's Corner  (5m ) 19,501 views  ~by  bkdesi
Marathi Restaurant  (5m ) 29,083 views  ~by  bkdesi
Rose Jhootbole  (5m ) 14,778 views  ~by  bkdesi
Tribute to Bollywood Sister  (3m ) 18,609 views  ~by  bkdesi
The Fuzz  (2m ) 28,558 views  ~by  TheNoahBennett
Pranks Anyone?  (1.5m ) 118,200 views  ~by  Skyler McKinnon
Can You Spell That For Me?  (2m ) 108,629 views  ~by  ormondjr
Nuvo Ring Extended Commercial  (1.5m ) 39,924 views  ~by  ormondjr
The King Of What?  (2.5m ) 30,482 views  ~by  andleiby
Grunt Man Just Grunt  (1.5m ) 25,713 views  ~by  andleiby
A Little Poke at Midgets  (1.5m ) 33,133 views  ~by  andleiby
America's Poor Credit Score  (1.5m ) 25,613 views  ~by  andleiby
The Immaculate Erection  (2.5m ) 32,241 views  ~by  andleiby
You are not gonna get rich and/or famous  (2m ) 57,272 views  ~by  kanetaylor
Weddings  (2.5m ) 75,905 views  ~by  restisaweapon
Lavigne On Wheels  (1m ) 44,899 views  ~by  dbjohns
Uni Test U Laa  (3m ) 23,154 views  ~by  ballekumar
Fat Man With A Sense of Humor  (5m ) 43,955 views  ~by  ballekumar
Neighbor  (5m ) 33,756 views  ~by  ballekumar
The Man Who Wrote That Letter  (Unknown ) 31,032 views  ~by  260Studios
God Series: God As a Manager  (2m ) 49,709 views  ~by  ballekumar
Friendship  (4m ) 51,529 views  ~by  ballekumar