How Math and I Became Friends?

How Math and I Became Friends?

(4m)   by callmegracie

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Back when I was in kindergarten,

I first learned Math by counting one to ten

And started adding and subtracting numbers,

Which until now, I can still remember.


During my elementary years,

Multiplication and Division in Math appears.

Our teacher also taught us about Fractions

And answer problems with complete solutions.


When I reached my high school,

I find algebra so obscure.

But later on, I discover that it is cool

I realized, it depends on the teacher’s

way of lecture.


As time goes by,

I also learned about x and y

In connection with finding its values

To interpret the equation that follows.


And now, I am in college,

Math and I are still buddies

‘Cause the good thing about it is it’s an exact Science;

It never gets affected by an instance.


One thing made me love Math

It teaches me a lesson

which can be applied in our daily life:

“No matter how difficult our problem may be,

There is always a solution, so don’t worry!”

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i dont think this is comedic in nature, but i just want to share my simple work. i am not a good writer. hope you understand. :D

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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 01/29/2013 - 11:33
dear gracie, this is really cute, but what i would do is work on your rhythm of rhyming. You rymed in some stanzas, but not in others. Hope this helped(:

4m Comedy Monologues - How Math and I Became Friends?