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Our friendship was always like the friendship that is seen between a crow and a buffalo. Biologists would call it a symbiotic relationship but I prefer calling it friendship. I due to my size,obstinance and lethargic nature would obviously be the buffalo and your weak constitution and cleverness would suite you to be the crow. People saw me carrying you on my back and that was not a good sight but it prevented from me being served as dinner. I thank you for that. You used to eat the insects of my back and I used to give you a free ride. Ohh! what a friendship we had.  They say,  a crow on your back is worth two in the sky,but you are worth a thousand ravens my friend. Be my friend forever. Whenever I used to enter the river to cross over to the other side you used to fly and reach there before I did to sit on my back again. You used to sit on my back only when I am grazing on land. I understood that your instinct for survival is much stronger than our bond of friendship. I craved for your company and you craved for your status. At least the craving part was common between us. Be my friend forever! You didn't tell me about it, ehh, I thought I was becoming fair. The white spots on my body , YOUR SHIT, soon they became stripes. People soon started calling me a fat zebra. A few female and even male zebras wanted to mate with me. Of course I refused! But you did increase my chance of getting laid. Now that's what I call a friend. You never warned me about the leopard. I guess you wanted me to run for my life and slim down. For you knew about the danger, as you used find any excuse that you could think of to leave my back. Sometimes that used to be cue for me to be alert of something lurking in the bush. I do miss you, but I am sure wherever you are , you would have found another buffalo to befriend. If there are no buffaloes left other than me then I know what happened to the dinosaurs. You and your species used to sit on their back. Any way you would find another buffalo the world is full of us!!

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4m Comedy Monologues - Friendship