Balle Kumar's Melodies: Taklon Ka Gaana

Balle Kumar's Melodies: Taklon Ka Gaana

(2m)   by bkdesi

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This is a song in Hindi in which a bald man laments about hair loss:



 Duayen kaam nahin aati


     ( Prayers won't help.)


Koi tel bhi kaam nahin aataa


      (No oil is going to help.)


Sar ki baal udh gaye toh


     (Once the hair on the head have gone.)


Khuda bhi kaam nahin aata


    ( Even God is of no help.)


Kuch Nahin Toh Bal Hain


     (If not anything but atleast I have hair.)


Kehke Khush The


    ( I used to say that and be happy.)


Woh Bhi Chale Gaye


     (Even they have gone now.)


Kal tak the hare bhare aur gade


    ( Till yesterday they were healthy and so firmly entrenched.)


Aaj kaise woh ujadh gaye


     (How did they get uprooted today?)


Aisi kya khatah hui humse


     (What wrong did I do?)


Sanam kyu rooth gaye


     (Why my dear got angry with me?)


Ohh zulfon wale parinde


    ( Ohh man with long tresses.)


Khol de raaz zulfon ka


    ( Reveal the secret of your tresses.)


Varna sunna padega tujhko


    ( If you don't do that then you will have hear.)


Gaana hum taklon ka


     ( Song of bald people.)

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2m Comedy Monologues - Balle Kumar's Melodies: Taklon Ka Gaana