Marathi Restaurant

Marathi Restaurant

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A Marathi restaurant owner once went to a Financial advisor to take his advise on why the business was going in a loss. I happen to see a sheet of paper on which the restaurant owner had scribbled about his restaurant.Thought about sharing the same with you all.


Restaurant Name: Upashi Poti Rahu Naka ( Get's classified as Japanese!!.. means .. dont be empty stomach)




Closed (Dadar Bandh)



Open 9:00 PM - 7:00 AM



Bunty La Shalet Sodayla Jato (I have to drop Bunty to school!). His school is near my childhood friend and we have Guppa (chit chat) for some time. His wife makes excellent Kanda Pohe (u shud try some too)




Open 7:00 AM - 9:00 AM (I have to visit the Sai Baba temple after 9 am, nothing can run without Baba's blessings.)

Open Whenever I am back - Bunty La Shalet Tun Pickup (I have to pick up Bunty from school!)




I do a second job and so I have to report there. Can't risk running a family on a restaurant, can I? Would you?



Shanivari Fakht Veg ( Only Veg on Saturdays)


My father while dying told me not to eat veg on Shani Vaar. As there would be some sense in it as my father said it, I don't want anyone to eat non-veg on that day.




I need to spend time with my family too!! Nothing is more important than my family.


Aai Shapath

Maujiram BaniaMeZhalo

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