Rose Jhootbole

Rose Jhootbole

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I found this outside my front door:





Increasing everyday .. lol



Never ask a girl about her age.


My Weight

Depends upon the planet on which I am. (If you are thinking, is this girl from MOON or what!

Then my baby genius!! Moon is not a planet, it is a star. Not a simple star but super star like Bobby Deol)



My face color changes according to my mood. Generally I am brownish, sometimes wheatish and with a liberal dose of talcum powder I am blonde. Also dear if you would notice then you will see that the letter ‘U’ is missing in the word ‘Color’ and that’s you. You are missing ..



Scientology (Tommy Cruise also follows this ..)



Yes, I mean, nowadays who isn't :)))))



I am interested in educating others and would consider my husband to be my special student whom I will coach every day. My father always emphasized on becoming 'Street Smart' more than getting educated because if one is street smart then he/she can go from one place to another quite easily and in less money and then one can really go places. My father used to tell me to always carry loose change as that is very helpful in becoming street smart. He is a really a good bus conductor and you know under the new scheme as he has being the bus conductor for 25 years he would be promoted to become a bus driver. Isn't that exciting, I thought I should share this with you.



I have a lot of hobbies and to say the least I bet I will surprise you with them. All the men I met were simply thrilled by my hobbies. I love mimicry , I was so good at mimicking my dad that he started believing that there is another 'HIM' in the house and so he ran away from the house.





As you would have guessed till now and it's too bad if you didn't, I am a very deep thinker. Deep thinking does take a lot of time and so I am still thinking about it. My father told me that one can be forgiven for marrying a wrong husband but never for choosing a wrong job, for a wrong husband can be dumped at no cost but you feel the pinch when there is no money coming at the end of the month. I am thinking for the past five years about which career should I pursue. Not having my graduation makes me free to choose to become anything.



Languages I speak

I can think, speak and write only in English. I used to talk in Marathi but you know, my accent just makes it difficult for people to understand my Marathi, so I stopped it.




I can cook anything from Black Tea to Maggie Noodles. You eat black tea in America? I can eat anything though!!



Men’s Kabaddi



One Half Sister(Married) , Mother (Unmarried) , Father(Married) , New Mother (Married), Brother (Left Home and now Left Back @ Home by police)


Rose Jhootbole

C/O: Sada Jhootbole

Jhootbole Nivas

666 Majnu Galli , Laila Nagar, India

Phone Number: Nau Shunya Do Teen Ek Do Teen Sade Teen Do (he he…)


PS: In case you are not up to it , please make copies and give it your friends. For now just give it to guys please. They will be thankful to you.


If you don't find my photo with this then your neighbor would have stolen it and I don't blame him for that.

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