Lavigne On Wheels

Lavigne On Wheels

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Lavigne On Wheels

Marketing Ad

Concept: 30 second commercial  having mid-20s, female star in web promotion video with edge. Need brand introduction and a product hook to switch consumer loyalty.

Proposed performer: Avril Lavigne

Product: Discount Deal Brand

Avril Lavigne

Riding mountain bicycle going through slightly sloped downward, rocky and treed terrain.

Opening: suddenly appears and in 3 seconds takes a big shake-up over a bump in the ground.

Gripping the handle bars, we see her in full frontal pedalling the bicycle moving cautiously over bumps and vegetation.

Avril (after the initial bump): There are bumps in life and that includes surfing the web (getting her wind back) Its not a breeze. Just look for a discounted deal offer. You will want to consider Discount Deal Brand. (over smaller bumps)

Avril: Each of all the others is another bump to navigate when searching the web. (she continues to bump and sway through terrain getting slightly more bumpier again as she goes.)

Avril: As the bumps go by, and all the other discount deal makers bring more and more jive, Discount Deal Brand leads the way with, oh so smooth, sweet deals. Get?(continues)

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