Modern Life

Modern Life

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Ok. Right. The 21st century. It's a time of smartphones, EVERYTHING being online, and more and more advanced gadgets that nobody needs. I have to admit, it's pretty cool, being able to just put my thumb on the home button of my phone to pay for my McDonalds, but there are many, many problems with modern life.

First of all, smartphones. Old phones were great big bricks that were attached to the wall with a coiled wire. Then, as time went on, they started to shrink.They shrunk and shrunk, until BOOM! They suddenly start growing again. I mean, phones are meant to be compact, portable devices you use to contact people, and do all your social media stuff. But by 2028, you'll have to carry around a whole blooming rucksack for your phone! Seriously though, who needs a phone the size of their whole hand? Oh yeah? NOBODY! And what's this whole iPhone X thing? Where is the 9? Can people not count to ten? And why X? Since when did Roman numerals have any relation to smartphones?

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Could I use this for a school cabaret?

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