The Art of Snoozing

The Art of Snoozing

(3m)   by Peteypan

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I'm not really here with you right now - I'm just sleepwalking between two snoozes from my alarm clock.

Well, you might think it sounds pretty crazy, but hey - what if we all - right now - exist between snoozes?

Even the most celebrated scientists and cosmologists disagree on what reality is. So, snoozing is as good a guess as anything, in my humble view. And believe me - I've done a lot of research on this matter...

So, if we all right now exist between two snoozes I've found the optimum interval for the time-space continuum: it's 9 minutes, the perfect snooze interval; short enough to feel reality bite, and long enough to drift off again and explore other dimensions.

People who aren't snoozing are missing out on all the fun it is to take out your angst and anxiety of living on that poor ringing alarm clock of yours. It's better than any coaching session you'll ever pay for. You can also blame it for coming late for work, being moody and grumpy, not inspired and - actually - pretty much anything you can think of. 

Remember that tired colleague at the office yesterday? Well, I bet that person is on a 3 minute snooze interval. It just doesn't work; they are likely to be the kind of people who think they can have it all; like sleep-walkers, going on inter-dimensional explorations while their partner goes downstairs to make packed lunch for the kids. That's not how it works. You have to take it seriously, and fully commit to your existence between the snoozes.

See, next time you hear that alarm bell interrupt your travels - look around you and see if you've arrived at the right place, at the right time, or you just hit that snooze button again, and again, until it feels right. Only then will you realize that your daily dose of awareness is merely a transit to your next true adventure.

If you snooze you'll never loose - happy travels my friends!

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Reflections on the art of snoozing from a master snoozer.

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