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Awesome and cool really is that how you described baked beans on toast and me saying I will meet you tomorrow. The American tendency to exaggerate language and use superlatives to describe mundain ordinary events and activities is awesome.

Awesome - A superhero who makes sure teabags are reused to extend beverage life this sounds cools, no it doesn't it sounds like an exaggeration.

Awesome - I mad a cake on Saturday that sounds cool no it doesn't it is great but sounds like an exaggeration. on Tuesday the MIDLE EAST conflict ended now that's awesome but it was described as ground breaking but definitely not an exaggeration.

Awesome I can now speak conversational French which is cool yes it is but not awesome as someone who can speak 5 languages would be described as a celestial god may a bit of an exaggeration.

Awesome I sat in front row at school play which was cool not awesome just best eat and good view sounded like I was starring in production and selling front row seats whilst appearing on west end and writing a play now that would be awesome.

Stop using this bloody word to describe all slightly good or positive things its a massive beast of a super emphasis word only to be used in rare and worthy moments not to describe your shoes for a Saturday night out.

PS I am not awesome.

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