The Most French Man in the World

The Most French Man in the World

(2m)   by Dylway

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Short skit based on the "Dos Equis" "Most interesting man in the world" commercials.






The FRENCHMEN sits at a table seemingly on his own. There is a bottle of Bordeaux on the table along with two glasses. 

NARRATOR: His mustache is so perfect, hipsters shave upon seeing it.  

He does not wear Prada, Prada wears him.   

To him, there is no such thing as friends with benefits, just friends.  

He once tried a wine from California,(Beat) never again.  

He was once asked to work on a Sunday, he rallied the largest strike in human history.  

An Italian born waiter once tried to sell him a bottle of Champagne that was actually Prosecco, the waiter was deported.   

He doesn’t smoke cigarettes, cigarettes smoke him.  

He is, the most French man in the world.  

FRENCHMEN: An American once told me I smell bad. I replied; Just because I don’t smell like a big mac doesn’t mean I smell bad; it just means I smell too healthy for you to understand. The American then said; Well if it wasn’t for us, you would be speaking German; and I replied; Well if it wasn’t for us, you would still be drinking tea.  He got mad and left. He had to much to drink. (He picks up the bottle of Bordeaux, looks at it, disgusted he immediately throws it far away) I don’t always drink, but when I do, it's never tea, and it is never American wine.  

WIFE comes up from under the table

WIFE: He will be back soon, we should go. 

FRENCHMEN: I will now sleep with his wife, not because I want to, but because she asked me to. 


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