ICTV Script

So I had an idea after a few beers  (10-30m ) Funny Stories  ~   Jamyt2000_12598
purpose and roles  (1m ) Comedy Monologues  ~   lekingroma_15752
Worst day ever!  (Unknown ) Funny Stories  ~   kimbersteph1965_14945
So I had this job!  (4.5m ) Funny Stories  ~   Jamyt2000_12598
THE SEX SHOP MONOLOGUE  (10m ) Comedy Monologues  ~   Thom Goddard
Anxiety Comedy Monologues  ~   wearetryingthisthing
Special Forces  (1.5m ) Comedy Skits  ~   gritt brewer
The White Kit  (3m ) Comedy Skits  ~   Dylway
See the Swan in the tree  (3.5m ) Comedy Skits  ~   gritt brewer
LAST WHITE RHINO SONG  (1m ) Comedy Skits  ~   gritt brewer
Cinema-9  (10-30m ) Sitcoms/Stage Plays  ~   samuel zehr
The Last Resort  (1.5m ) Comedy Skits  ~   Paxton55

Channel Group

Channel 11001  ~   samuel zehr