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The last white Rhino stands alone, he's no need for a mobile phone

For all his kin are in the sky, and he has no idea why

Of the rest there is no trace, and the reason is as plain as the horn on his face

Oriental libido means he's ripe for the kill, he's just a four legged Viagra pill

Now it's a lonely life not much of a laugh

for he can't speak Buffalo or Giraffe

And he runs when humans approach him

Cos like Humpty Dumpty they'll want to poach him


The last white Rhino stands alone, in a place where once his comrades roamed

How he longs for female company, and to start a family

But it's hard to make a match, when there's not much you can run down and catch

Hybrid offspring might come to pass, hey look it's a Rhinopotomaus

Now it's a lonely life, hard to raise a smile

When you don't speak Hyena or Crocodile

And the Elephants treat you with scorn

Rubbing their dicks on your horn


The last white Rhino stands alone, all his pals just dust and bones

The regular Rhino's don't want to know, call him a honkie say you ain't our bro

Animal apartheid neath the African sun, just as cruel as the poachers gun

It's a lonely life and a sad old time

When you can't speak Zebra or can't speak Lion

Ain't much to do when it gets dark

Cept sift through brochures for safari parks

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Hopefully when we kill all the animals the robots we replace them with will be edible

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