The Delivery

The Delivery

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Steve- post officer
Ben enters the post office, holding an envelope in his hand

Ben. hi!
Steve: hi! How can i help you?
Ben : well, i want to send some cash to my cousin!
Steve : where?
Ben : New York City!
Steve: ok, how much would you like to send?
Ben : $20 !
Steve: ok!  It will  cost you, just $50 !
Ben : what? I have to pay you $50 , just to send $20 ?
Steve: yes sir!  These are the conditions of the delivery!
Ben : with that money, i can go by myself to NY!
Steve : well sir, it's your choice!
Ben : ok, you know what,give me back my money! And the envelope too!  
Steve : here is your envelope, and your $16 too!
Ben : wtf? why 16?
Steve : well, don't forget  the 20 % of the delivery!
Ben : you keep 20% , even though i didn't deliver it?
Steve: yes of course!These are the conditions of the delivery!
Ben : ok, in that case,I better send it!
Steve: So,you want to send your $16?
Ben : yes, 
Steve: ok, it will cost you $30!
Ben : what?  $30  to send $16?
Steve: yes. These are the conditions of the delivery  sir!
Ben : no, no no. Give that back to me! I don't want so spend $30,just  to send $16 !
Steve: ok then, here it is your envelope, with your $13!
Ben : what? why 13?
Steve : sir, dont forget the 20%!
Ben : oh god! give that  back to me right now! No no, you now what? Ii will send  it!
Steve: your $13?
Ben : yes!
Steve: ok, it will cost, just $20!
Ben : just $20? no, no,no!
Steve : sir, I thing you are very confused! Please,take your money, and come back later!
Ben : ok, you're right!
Steve: there it is, $10!
Ben : hmm, including the percentage, right?
Steve : yes! 
Ben comes close to Steve, 
Ben : well,here is my condition ( he fart) ...and without any percentage! 


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My first script so go easy on me. And please comment. I Would like to apologise for any of my english writing mistakes. Thank You!

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Submitted by dillu84k on Fri, 07/26/2013 - 07:41
HI hxhmhl, This is very funny, can I use this script?
Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Sun, 09/15/2013 - 07:28
Hello DK, well I think it's a bit late for the answer now. Sorry! Anyway I hope you've used it. please let me know :-)
Submitted by Money Comedy on Thu, 01/27/2022 - 07:29
This is interesting and funny. May I use the script?

Comedy Skits - The Delivery