The Arrest of a Criminal Koala

The Arrest of a Criminal Koala

(1m)   by k.r.johnson

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The fingerprints of koalas are indistinguishable from those of human beings.

PC Dixon: Margaret, your number's up. I arrest you for the brutal slaying of Colonel Mustard.

Margaret the Koala: Let's see you prove it, copper.

PC Dixon: Shut your muzzle or I'll shut it for you.

Margaret the Koala: You'll never bang me up, copper.

PC Dixon: You're nicked, Marge. The candlestick has your dabs all over it

Margaret the Koala: Candlestick? The world is full of 'em. You found some rubbish lying around the library and you think you can pin it on me. Well, I know better, copper. Those dabs could be anyone's. Any one of six thousand million people could've put those dabs there.

PC Dixon: Dabs that stink of eucalyptus? Tell that to the judge. Get in the van, you marsupial bastard.

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You may perform this skit freely but if you make money from it, I want a share.

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1m Comedy Skits - The Arrest of a Criminal Koala