Song: Happy birthday, IBM

Song: Happy birthday, IBM

(2m)   by k.r.johnson

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To the tune of "Happy birthday, sweet sixteen," with acknowledgement
to Neil Sedaka

Tonight's the night,

Today's the day,

Nineteen eleven is a hundred years away,

A flood of innovation the world could never stem,

Happy birthday, IBM!

It came so soon,

Sixteenth of June,

The magnitude of your achievement makes me swoon,

Your contribution makes you a sparkling corporate gem,

Happy birthday, IBM!

You were punching paper tape, you were punching card,

Computer programming was really very hard,

We loved those typewriters with printing heads like balls

Now we can all see

You've just scored your cent'ry

Now you don't make anything, so

Let's all say cheers,

One hundred years,

Big Blue has grown up right before my very ears,

Though there are fly-by-nights, you're well ahead of them,

Happy birthday IBM!

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2m Comedy Skits - Song: Happy birthday, IBM