Roaches Conversing

Roaches Conversing

(2m)   by ballekumar

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A roach couple is talking in the attic of a house ..

Male Roach: Good they have sent the kids to boarding school

Female Roach: Yes they are not careful. I am so afraid of sending our 200 baby roaches to play when those giants come up to the antic.   Male Roach: Now the husband will come and spray that pesticide and we will act dead for some time.   Female Roach: The floor is so clean that I don't like lying on my back on it.   Male Roach: Think that we are taking a sunbath!   Female Roach: The wife started shrieking when she saw me.   Male Roach: I don't know why. You have such long legs. You are so beautiful!   Female Roach: She keeps on staring on the mirror for hours. So I also went near to show her that I am the most beautiful in this house. You try maintaining a figure like mine after 200 children.   Male Roach: You bet!!   Female Roach: She likes her son Tom more than her daughter. I think she keeps on feeding Tom. One day Tom will burst and there would be food for all of us!!   Male Roach: Yes he is fat kid. He eats a mountain of pudding everyday.   Female Roach: Our Timmy tried to nibble a little. He became paranoid and tried to push Timmy away. Timmy then took all his brothers and cousins and surrounded Tom. Tom dropped the pudding and there was a feast. My Timmy is a born leader!!   Male Roach: Peaceful coexistence is not something that humans know.   Female Roach: They don't treat us with respect. We came much before them in this house.   Male Roach: Yes the husband tries to show he is the man of the house. He lifted me and shoved me into his wife's face. I shouted at him that I am not in to other women. I kept on showing him the ring but he didn't listen. He didn't listen!!   Female Roach: I will tell Uncle Roachafeller to swim in his tea.   Male Roach: They will then run like the last family!! Ha Ha Ha!!

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2m Comedy Skits - Roaches Conversing