Juba robbers

Juba robbers

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Juba was sleeping on his bed.
(Over turning himself)
Then he heard someone knocking at the door way.
(Sound of the door)
He woke up and never recognized it
He continued to sleep.
They continued to knock.
He again heard it

He then asked"who is this?"
Robbers: we are the husbands of the night.
Juba: what do you want?
Robbers:we have come to kill you!!

He started quaking.
Saying what should i do 
Let me call the Police 

He called the police and the call was answered at the door way.

He then chopped the call.
He sat at the bed.
He called the witchdoctor.
Papa, please help me 
Am in danger 

The robbers broke into the house.
They found no one in 
They started looking for him
After thy found a chicken on the bed.
They took off

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Try plan B to those who oppressed you.

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