Jim and Anne

Jim and Anne

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*Phone rings* 

Anne: *answers phone* Hello?

Jim: Hey Anna!

Anne: It's Anne.

Jim: Yeah, uh, Anne. Wanna hang out?

Anne: Sure. Taco bell?

Jim: Sure.

Anne: *hangs up, drives to taco bell*

Jim: Hey! Ethel!

Anne: It's Anne.

Jim: Yehah, Anne. I'm gonna have bad dihareah tonight.

Anne: ...

Jim: Eh?

Anne: Uh, what do you want.

Jim: A taco without the bell. *laughs and snorts*

Anne: ...

Jim: Get it? *awkwardly laughs*HaHaHaHaHaHa *ahem* yeah, uh.

*Gets food and takes a seat* 

Jim: So, what are you doing tonight?

Anne: Sleeping.

Jim: Wanna come over? We can watch a movie. Movie smoovie! Haha. *ahem*

Anne: Uh, I hear my mom calling me, Im gonna, y'know, head out. BYE!!

Jim: Wait! Anne! What do you mean? Your Moms in arizona and you live two blocks away! 



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I don't really know what I was thinking when I wrote this I-kjefjsgbjbjkfgbjdfbgjkfkjdngjnf

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oh my God! ahahahah

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