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Gulliver is tied up on Lilliput's bitch and some cop from Lilliput is questioning him. This is a never ending interrogation script ..

Lilliput: Are you really that tall?

Gulliver: Yes

Lilliput: It is really hard to believe that any animal can grow that big!

Gulliver: I am  a human being like you!

Lilliput: But humans don't grow to be that tall!

Gulliver: Look in my part of the world this is the normal height!

Lilliput: What do you mean your part of the world? The world ends where this island ends, the rest is all water.

Gulliver: No, there are lands beyond this!

Lilliput: Then how come I don't know about that!

Gulliver: That is your ignorance. How much did you travel?

Lilliput: I have swum quite a lot in the sea and never saw anything other than this island. I have even done fishing a lot but never caught anything like you!

Gulliver: Trust me!

Lilliput: Only if you tell us the truth!

Gulliver: Look, I am from England!

Lilliput: You come up with names so quickly! If you are from England then how come you speak English like us? Tell me!

Gulliver: In England but for the people of Scotlands and Wales and Ireland, we all speak English and even the ones that don't think that they do!

Lilliput: You should write all this down dude! You are an exceptionally creative criminal!

Gulliver: Enough! Believe me!

Lilliput: Show us some proof!

Gulliver: You want proof for what!

Lilliput: That you really are this tall!

Gulliver: I need a lawyer!

Lilliput: You are on the beach and so you are technically not on our soil!

Gulliver: Then let me go!

Lilliput: Not without you telling us everything that we want to know!

Gulliver: What do you want to know?

Lilliput: That what would interest us!

Gulliver: What would interest you?

Lilliput: If what you tell is interesting then that would interest us!

Gulliver: I don't have any proof for my innocence!

Lilliput: Good, that means you are guilty!

Gulliver: Yes!

Lilliput: Now tell us what you were planning to do. What's the secret behind this illusion of you being 6 feet tall!

Gulliver: Just hang me!

Lilliput: We will, we will, but only after you reveal everything!

Gulliver: OK! I will sign any confession you want me to! Just leave me alone!

Lilliput: You are a very clever criminal. You want to hide the real motive and so you are ready to sign anything.

Gulliver: God! I am not going to talk any longer! You can do whatever you want!

Lilliput: You know, my wife always says that a person who is quite is always hiding something! Tell me what are you hiding?

(Gulliver is silent)

Lilliput: If you don't talk before I count from 1 to 10. We will kill you!

(Gulliver is silent)

Lilliput: 10,9,8 .... 1.

(Gulliver is silent)

Lilliput: What if we give you food and water? Will you talk then?

(Gulliver is silent)

Lilliput: Listen, if you confess then you won't be serving a death sentence!

(Gulliver is silent)

Lilliput: Listen; say something or else I will be fired. How about signing a confession and 30 years in prison?

(Gulliver is silent)

Gulliver: Are your years also shorter like you are?

Lilliput: You are insulting our national honor. We are now going to kill you!

Gulliver: Just release me and I will kill you all!

Lilliput: Now you are talking, you came here to kill us all. Thats what you wanted to do! Lilliputians will kill you first!

Gulliver: Just let me sign the confession document. Do you have one?

Lilliput: Now you are a threat to our entire nation. We are now going to treat you differently!

Gulliver: Like what?

Lilliput: Earlier we were not so much interested about your place of origin but now we are..

…………..This goes on and on ………………………………………


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3m Comedy Skits - Gulliver