Father and Son Series: Werewolf or Vampire

Father and Son Series: Werewolf or Vampire

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Son: What is the difference between a werewolf and vampire?

Father:  It doesn’t matter son, after marriage you have to accept your spouse

Son: No, I think my wife is one of them

Father: I know

Son: How?

Father: Every married man has these thoughts at some point in their life! You will soon get over it!

Son:  No, I am serious, my wife never eats

Father: Good for you, son your Mommy eats like she is from Texas!

Son: Yes, but my Mommy is from Texas!

Father: Things are very cheap in Texas, I was telling her to go and stay in Texas alone and I will pay for her grocery. That way it is lot cheaper.

Son:  My wife bit me.

Father: Your mother had thrashed me so many times. It is common son, it is common!

Son: She drinks only blood of animals.

Father: So you get the meat and she gets the blood. I think it’s a good deal. Your Mom eats the meat and gives me bones. Tell me about it!

Son: There are people disappearing around this place.

Father: Must have joined the army! Fools!

Son: My wife took a knife a put through her hand and there was no pain.

Father: Your Mom also put a knife through my hand and she had no pain. Nothing unusual!

Son: She will kill me one day!

Father: Women don’t kill their husbands, they torture them. Men are hunters and women are circus masters. There is that difference, always remember. So don’t worry, nothing will happen to you!

Son: Are you sure?

Father: Unless you have life insurance.

Son: No I don’t.

Father: No woman wants to be a poor widow.

Son: Thanks Daddy, you have cleared my doubts. But yesterday I saw a wolf in my bed and it said “Hello Darling”.

Father: Son, close the window and go to sleep, some wild animal would have come in and said hello to you.

Son: Wolves can’t talk.

Father: Trust me, even wolves might be discussing amongst them that humans can’t talk.

Son: The wolf talked in English.

Father: I can also howl!

Son: OK!

Father: I need to go now. Your Mommy must be howling! Call of the wild!

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2m Comedy Skits - Father and Son Series: Werewolf or Vampire